save as you earn

Should You Say Yes To Save As You Earn?

August 29, 2019 bankeronfire 0

Sometimes it seems there is nothing but obstacles on your road to financial independence.  Stagnating pay, high taxes, the ever-increasing cost of living, stock market downturns.  Take your pick – all of these will all take a bite out of […]

how to be poor

How To Be Poor On £250k Per Year

August 22, 2019 bankeronfire 7

It’s shocking and sad at the same time but making a six-figure salary is no longer enough to live a care-free life, especially if you live in an expensive city like London.  In some instances, well-paid professionals are worse off […]

private school cost

The True Cost Of Private Schools

August 19, 2019 bankeronfire 0

I hope this article will be useful to all the parents and future parents out there who are considering private education for their children.  I am using the UK school system as an example, but the facts below hold for […]

highly paid professionals

The Curse Of A Highly Paid Professional

June 10, 2019 bankeronfire 0

What do investment bankers, consultant physicians, management consultants, technology professionals and corporate executives have in common? If you believe the popular perception, the people in this category enjoy fabulous lives.  They have high profile, rewarding and well remunerated jobs.  As […]