It will be too late tomorrow
Financial Independence

It Will Be Too Late Tomorrow

There’s a very popular concept in personal finance, sometimes called “Bob vs Adam”.

It’s a story that’s appealing and scary at the same time.

Except there’s far more to it than meets the eye. […]

Greatest Hits
Financial Independence

Greatest Hits: Volume 10 (Momentum)

Finding your investing edge, scaling your property portfolio, fighting investing shadows, and the YOLO economy.

As well as downward mobility, the trouble with optionality – and is crypto a giant fraud?

All this plus much more in this weekend’s Greatest Hits!


Greatest Hits
Financial Independence

Greatest Hits: Volume 9 (Resurrection)

Around 9 pm on Thursday evening, I nipped out for a quick walk.

I kept a brisk pace – not least because it was reasonably chilly outside.

Yet, the streets of South Kensington were filled with people. Patios that have sprung up overnight, filled to the brim. […]

Greatest Hits
Financial Independence

Greatest Hits: Volume 8 (Insanity)

If I am to be perfectly honest, Easter Friday found me in a slightly disoriented state. I am no stranger to hard work, but even by those standards, the past weeks have been more than intense. The investment banking world is on absolute fire. […]

Dogs vs Wolves
Financial Independence

Dogs And Wolves

Fifteen or so years ago, I decided to burnish my educational credentials with an accounting designation.

Having survived the initial set of grueling exams, I was admitted to a year-long “professional development” program.

Sadly, that meant that once a month, I had to spend an entire weekend holed up in a nondescript conference room with a bunch of other accounting conscripts. […]

Make a lot of money
Financial Independence

So You Want To Make The Big Bucks?

“How to build wealth” is one of the top search strings that lands readers on this blog.

Now, wealth is a fluid term.

But let’s say you are gunning for the conventional definition of wealth, which means a seven-figure plus net worth. […]

Why money is hard
Financial Independence

Why Money Is Hard

Struggling with money? Join the club. As a personal finance blogger with nearly two years of writing and almost two decades of investing experience under my belt, I would expect to have it all figured out by now. The reality is, I am just […]

Greatest Hits
Financial Independence

Greatest Hits: Volume 5 (Jumbo Edition)

Time flies. Six weeks ago, things couldn’t look gloomier. Post-Christmas hangover, exacerbated by the lockdown. An impossibly long road ahead to sunnier weather and a vaccinated population. And yet, as I look back at this year’s inaugural edition of Greatest Hits, I am pleased […]

Your secret money weapon
Financial Independence

Your Secret Money Weapon

There are four key levers that determine how wealthy you will ultimately get. The most obvious one is how much money you make. However, as this guy has shown, that’s just the starting point. If you want to build wealth, you’ve also got to […]

FIRE not fair
Financial Independence

Why FIRE Isn’t Fair

If you want to embark on a thankless affair, look no further than the pursuit of financial independence. There are a million constantly moving pieces being debated in the personal finance community. Persistent calls to “index and chill”. Heated discussions about safe withdrawal rates. […]

No need to panic
Financial Independence

Preparing For A Stock Market Crash

It’s going to happen. It could happen tomorrow – or many years from now. Perhaps it’s a sharp drawdown – or a painfully long journey that resembles death by a thousand cuts. It could end quickly, like the March 2020 or the October 1987 […]

Is your FIRE number wrong?
Financial Independence

Why Your FIRE Number Is All Wrong

At first glance, it seems easy enough. Figure out your spending needs. Divide by the safe withdrawal rate (SWR). Done – your FIRE number is staring you in the face. But is it? Inspired by a couple of reader comments on this post, let’s […]

Greatest Hits
Financial Independence

Greatest Hits: Volume 3 (Home Stretch)

And just like that, we are two weeks into 2021. I think we can all agree that so far, it hasn’t really felt any different from 2020. New mutations popping up across the world – and spreading faster than anyone could expect. Cases (and […]