The Biggest Opportunity Of 2021

The Biggest Opportunity

We all have an amazing opportunity to build wealth much faster – but it has nothing to do with savings rates, stock market returns, or investment fees.

Instead, do this.

Finding Your Champion

Finding your champion

And then, there were four.

Four investment bankers, all up for a promotion to the next level. Not quite the coveted managing director title yet, but nonetheless a big step

The Office Puppet Show

Puppet show

Back in the heydays leading up to the global financial crisis, the same scene would regularly play out at the Deutsche Bank London headquarters. On bonus day, a car transporter would pull up to the landmark yellow building at 75 London Wall. It would be loaded with Aston Martins – a sweetener reserved for top …

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The Low-Effort, High-Impact Way To Do Well At Work

There aren’t many advantages to being an analyst in the investment banking world. You are at the lowest possible point in the pecking order. Hours are long, stress levels high, and social life is non-existent. The one advantage, however, is the timing of the pay cycle. For a variety of reasons, investment banking analysts typically …

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