A matter of trust
Financial Independence

A Matter Of Trust

The pain came back in early April.

At first, it was virtually unnoticeable. A week later, it was still manageable.

By the middle of the month, however, […]

Greatest Hits
Financial Independence

Greatest Hits: Volume 14

Joining the millionaire ranks, building a $5bn retirement portfolio, and managing risk along the way.

Also, is following your passion good advice? Is property still the way to go? And will technology save the world?

All this – and more – in this weekend’s Greatest Hits! […]

Time for crypto?
Financial Independence

Is It Time To Pay Attention To Crypto?

For the longest time, you couldn’t pay me to talk about crypto on this blog (and trust me, people have tried). Thus, I think there’s more than a little cosmic irony in the fact that this post goes up on the back of the […]

Best way to save £100k
Financial Independence

The Fastest Way To Save £100k

There is a bunch of reasons why you want to aim to save £100k in the first instance.

The most important one is that £100k is the magic number after which your net worth begins to snowball.

So what’s the fastest way to do it?


Pitfalls of experience
Financial Independence

The Pitfalls Of Experience

Our kitchen table was literally covered with stacks of cash.

Even by western standards, it was a significant sum.

And yet, my grandfather’s hands trembled visibly as he surveyed the sum of his life’s work. […]