Your first million
Financial Independence

How To Go From Zero To Your First Million

In a recent post, I wrote about my journey from zero to one million.  It was anything but predictable, full of setbacks, tough stretches, and lucky breaks – but making that first million was totally worth it in the end. As I wrote about […]

Is that the best you've got?!?
Financial Independence

Staring Down The Savings Crisis

The stats are in and the picture isn’t pretty.  A recent NatWest study, which looked at the (thankfully anonymized) data of 750,000 customers drew some sobering conclusions. Apparently, more than half of Brits aren’t saving ANY money. It also seems that this inability to […]

core principles for health and wealth
Financial Independence

Five Essential Principles For Health And Wealth

Would you like to spend your life pursuing an utterly futile affair?  If so, I recommend growing your wealth while ignoring your health.  When you finally hit the holy grail of financial independence, you will likely find yourself spending most of your newfound free […]

save as you earn
Financial Independence

Should You Say Yes To Save As You Earn?

Sometimes it seems there is nothing but obstacles on your road to financial independence.  Stagnating pay, high taxes, the ever-increasing cost of living, stock market downturns.  Take your pick – all of these will all take a bite out of that nest egg you […]