Below are the links to some high-quality blogs I follow in my spare time.

Physician On Fire.  Great blog, primarily aimed at physicians but applies well beyond the intended audience.  Leif is a great guy and I love his site’s charitable mission.

Indeedably.  If only I could write the way this man does. Highly recommended.

Cutting Through Chaos. Highly recommended. A couple with four children, breaking down the traditional boundaries of lifestyle design. Reading this blog is my equivalent of daydreaming.

Sovereign Quest. An excellent curation of personal finance content.

Monevator.  If you only read one UK personal finance blog, this may well be it.

A Chat With Kat.  Keen to combine health AND wealth? This one is for you.

Quietly Saving.  Run by Weenie, a very authentic UK personal finance blogger, with an inspiring savings rate to boot!

The Escape Artist.  Musings on personal finance, and life, delivered in a direct and entertaining manner.

RadReads.  A former MD from BlackRock shares his unique perspective on life and achievement (with great productivity tips sprinkled in between).

Of Dollars And Data. Highly enjoyable, data-driven posts by Nick Maggiulli.

I am also signed up to the mailing lists below:

Zude’s Weekly Top 4. A great selection of content on personal finance and beyond. As a bonus, this one happens to be run by no less than David Sawyer himself, the man behind the excellent book Reset (you can find my review here).

Apex Money. Curated by JD and Jim Wang, this is an entertaining and quirky collection of content on personal finance. Links really run the gamut and there are true gems in every email.

Personal Finance Blogs.  Three great articles a day, five days a week. Always look forward to seeing this one land in my inbox.

Want more? Check out my list of recommended books.