Start Here

If you are just starting out, it can all get a bit overwhelming.

Below are the articles you may want to read first if you are just starting out on your journey to financial independence.

Financial Independence

To start with, here’s your primer on financial independence:

Everything You Need To Know About Financial Independence


The guides below will help you build wealth and leave your job behind:

The Fastest Way To Save 100k

From Zero To Hero: Getting To Your First Million

How To Lose Your Job In 10 Years

When Your Money Makes More Money Than You

And here are some things to watch out for along the way:

Why FIRE Isn’t Fair

Eight Reasons You Will Never Reach Financial Independence

Why Money Is Hard

The First Million Is The Easy Bit

Stock Market Investing

The stock market is by far your absolute best ally when it comes to building wealth.

These posts will get you up to speed on the basics:

A Magic Money Making Machine

Five Dangerous Misconceptions About The Stock Market

Demystifying Stock Market Returns

How To Hack The Stock Market

Is Dividend Investing Worth It?

The Case For A 100% US Equity Portfolio

How To Find The Right Index Fund In Four Easy Steps

Four Strategies To Offset Low Market Returns

Want to beat the stock market?  Read this first:

Silly Things Active Stock Market Investors Say

The People Who Beat The Stock Market

Read more about stock market investing here

Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing has been a very significant contributor to the wealth I’ve built up over the years.

At the moment, my wife and I own a property portfolio that’s well into seven figures, and we continue to add $1m+ of real estate each year.

Here are some great posts to get you started in real estate:

How People Get Rich With Real Estate

Build Wealth With Real Estate To Escape Your Job

The Most Important Number In Real Estate Investing

The Road To Riches – Buy Or Rent?

Here’s a candid look at some deals I’ve done over the years – and advice on replicating my strategy:

The Anatomy Of A Home Run Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investing: Another Day, Another Property

Why (And How) I Bought More Real Estate In A Pandemic

Infinite Returns

I’ve always been very candid about my real estate investing successes.

However, I also want to be transparent about some of the challenges I’ve encountered along the way:

The Challenges With Real Estate Investing

Torn between the stock market and real estate?  Read this:

How To Choose Between Real Estate And The Stock Market

You will find many more posts on real estate investing here


If you are just starting out, I would strongly suggest staying away from crypto investing.

However, it may be worth at least familiarising yourself with the topic using the guides below:

Is It Time To Pay Attention To Crypto?

An Investor’s Deep Dive On Ether And Ethereum

You can find more crypto posts here

Career Success

It’s no secret that in order to build wealth, you need to invest your money.

But where do you get that initial capital to invest?

Well, for most people it’s the good old 9-5.  The more you earn, the more you can invest, and the quicker you can retire.

Here’s some pragmatic advice on turbocharging your career – and your earnings:

The Definitive Guide To Making A Lot More Money At Work

Finding Your Champion

The Real Path To Wealth And Power

The Office Puppet Show

What Your Employer Doesn’t Want You To Know: Loyalty Doesn’t Pay

Plenty more career advice here

Personal Development

Finally, here’s a great collection of posts that can help you live a rich and rewarding life:

The Best Strategy For Winning At Life

Dare To Dream

The Beauty (And Danger) Of Compounding

How To Get Ahead In Life

New Year Resolutions – Five Strategies That Work

How To Create Something From Nothing

Itching For A Fight

You can find more personal development advice here