Stock Market

A Bear Case For Future Stock Market Returns

Future stock market returns

The topic of future stock market returns has got to be one of the most popular stones of contention in the personal finance community.

Everyone agrees that historically, those returns looked pretty damn good.

But what does the future hold?

Is Dividend Investing Worth It?

There’s nothing quite like the sweet promise of a predictable, steady, (and growing) dividend payment.

But is there more to dividend investing than meets the eye?

Sadly, yes.

How Scared Are You?

How Scared Are You?

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The Case For A 100% US Equity Portfolio

At some point, all stock market investors face the following question:

What is the right portfolio allocation between US and international equities?

As the data below shows, at the turn of the 20th century, the US stock market represented ~15% of the world’s total. 

The People Who Beat The Stock Market

People who beat the stock market

The biggest refrain you hear from people who think you can beat the stock market goes as follows:

“By definition, 50% of investors do better than the market and the other 50% do worse. Surely it cannot be so hard to be in the first group.”