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Itching For A Fight

Itching for a fight

The two boys wouldn’t stop taunting me.

The teacher, fresh out of college, noticed – but did nothing. Others soon joined in.

And so, I did the only sensible thing that…

Not Fade Away

By the time you are reading this post, I will have finished packing for our summer beach holiday.

In a family tradition, we always take two weeks off at some point in August.

And in a break from tradition, today’s post has nothing to do with money, investing, or financial independence.


The Best Strategy For Winning At Life

Want to win? Start by staying in the game

Every year, without exception, I see the exact same situation playing out at work. 

Bright, motivated, and hard-working guys and girls begin their careers as investment banking analysts.

Almost immediately, the most ambitious and foresightful of the bunch

The Beauty (And Danger) Of Compounding

Snowball effect

You will have noticed that over the past few weeks, I have really dialed back on the number of “quantitative” posts. Gone are the rates of return, expected probabilities, and asset class comparisons. There’s plenty of time for those topics throughout the year. Instead, I like to use December downtime to reflect on everything that …

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