I started Banker On FIRE to achieve the following three objectives: 

  1. Give me a creative outlet from the pressures of my job as an investment banker
  2. Explore, document, and debate the various ways to build wealth and achieve financial independence
  3. Help others make better decisions, grow their net worth, and live their best life possible

Why Should I Read Banker On FIRE?

Let’s get one thing straight up front:

I guarantee that money alone cannot and will not make you happy.

However, I also guarantee you that achieving financial security WILL lower your stress levels, give you more optionality, and help you live your best life. 

Becoming financially independent requires making good financial decisions.  And guess what? 

Making good financial decisions is hard. 

It requires a lot of time, information, education, and effort. 

You need to learn the basics of budgeting, saving, and investing.  Once you do, you need to run your finances like a business. 

That means paying close attention to your investment portfolio, planning your asset allocation across all the investment vehicles available to you, optimizing your debt, and taking care of a myriad of other things that impact your net worth. 

Unfortunately, the reality is that life is busy, the relevant information is not always available, and our energy is finite.

When we get home, we are exhausted, stressed, and too preoccupied with everything we need to do take care of our families, keep our jobs and maintain some sense of sanity. 

Time is scarce and while achieving financial independence should be one of our top priorities because of all the wonderful things it can do to improve our quality of life, it usually falls to the very bottom of the to-do list. 

Sadly, this can and does have a disastrous effect on our financial future. 

Fully Agreed, But What To Do?

Even the smartest, most focused, and energetic people end up making sub-optimal decisions.  No one is perfect. 

Some decisions are frankly unavoidable and for the most part, inconsequential. 

Uber instead of the subway.  Glamburger instead of Pret.

Other decisions, however, can end up costing you tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. 

Not maximizing your career earnings.

Failing to invest – and seeing your hard-earned money wiped out by inflation.

Investing – but paying exorbitant investment fees or selling when the markets get choppy.

Not taking advantage of tax-deferred investment vehicles.

The list goes on and on and on.

These are decisions that jeopardize your financial future.  This is where you need to pay attention, learn and act.  And this is where I choose to spend the limited time that I have.  

Banker On FIRE is not a website about saving money by giving up coffee, discount shopping, or holding a garage sale. 

Living well within your means is crucial but there are plenty of other amazing resources on the web that can teach you the basics of budgeting and saving money. 

What I choose to focus on is making good financial decisions that generate substantial wealth increases over a long time period.  

I hope I can help you do the same. 

Get started now.

About The Author

I am an M&A (mergers and acquisitions) investment banker based in London. 

I am passionate about finance, capital markets, behavioural economics, financial independence, and living my best life possible. 

Having started off as a state-school educated, first-generation immigrant, I have gone through a number of jobs and every single income bracket before completing a top US MBA and transitioning to investment banking. 

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It hasn’t always been easy but I treasure having a unique perspective that comes with knowing what life is like outside the investment banking bubble.

I look forward to having you here and hope that you will find Banker On FIRE helpful in your own financial journey, whatever it may be. 

Have a great day

Damian (a.k.a. Banker On FIRE)

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