About Banker On Fire

This site is for YOU

That’s right, YOU.  This website is designed to help my readers build wealth faster and reach financial independence.

Let’s get one thing straight up front: money alone cannot and will not make you happy.

That being said, consistently making good financial decisions will increase your net worth, will give you more optionality and will help you live your best life.

Making good financial decisions is hard. It requires a lot of time, information and effort.  You need to pay close attention to your investments, plan your pensions, optimize your debt and take care of a myriad of other things that impact your net worth.  The reality is that life is busy, relevant information is not always available and our energy is finite.

As a result, even the smartest, most focused and energetic people end up making suboptimal decisions that cost them tens and hundreds of thousands of pounds in forgone wealth over the years.

I don’t have all the answers.  I am, however, very focused on making good financial decisions that are grounded in proven facts and frameworks.  I am passionate about maximizing the resources that I have to grow my family’s net worth, create passive income and reach financial independence as quickly as possible. 

What I am looking to accomplish with Banker On FIRE is to share the frameworks, tools and information that I use on my journey with others.  I hope this will help people make better financial decisions and build wealth faster. 

To make it very clear – this is not a website about saving money by giving up coffee, discount shopping or holding a garage sale.  Living within your means is important but it is an individual decision for everyone.  What I focus on is financial decisions that can generate substantial wealth increases over a long time period.  Invariably, it comes down to better career and investment decisions. 

I only write from my own personal experience.  While I will not cover every topic here, you can rest assured that what you see here at Banker On FIRE has been tried and tested by me.  Sometimes I make suboptimal financial decisions as well – and I will be sure to share them with my readers.  Finally, I also upload the excel templates that I use – hopefully you will find them useful and can adapt them for your specific circumstances.

About the author

Banker On FIRE is an investment banker based in London.  I am passionate about finance, capital markets, behavioural economics, financial independence and living my best life possible. 

I was educated in a state school, have an MBA degree from one of the best US universities and have gone through a number of jobs and every single income bracket over the course of my career to date.  It hasn’t always been easy but I treasure having a unique perspective that comes with knowing what life is like outside the investment banking bubble.

I look forward to having you here and hope that you will find Banker On FIRE helpful in your own financial journey, whatever it may be.