Personal Development

Losing Control

Last Friday was a long day for me. The first Zoom call of the day started at 7 am, courtesy of a demanding continental client with a penchant for early starts. A year ago, my secretary would have punted the meeting by a couple of weeks, with the convenient excuse of flights and conflicting meetings …

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Should You Go (Back) To School?

Back to school

Almost twelve years ago to the day, it felt like the world was on the verge of collapsing. Venerable financial institutions have gone bankrupt, while others were teetering on the brink. Real estate values plunged in an unprecedented way, leaving millions of overleveraged homeowners on the street.  Having taken heavy losses, investors with secondary/tertiary exposure …

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Taking Stock

Taking Stock

In any journey, the half-way mark is always an interesting – and symbolic milestone. Even more so this year as we navigate our way through a tumultuous 2020. Not that long ago, we were busy writing up our New Year’s resolutions. Those Australian wildfires were going to be THE story of the year. Next thing …

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A Matter Of Time

A Matter Of Time

One of the biggest obstacles we face on the path to success is the concept of time frames. As a species, humans are just so damn impatient. Genetics plays a big role here. Put simply, delaying gratification was never the utility-maximizing strategy. For thousands of years, scarcity of resources, non-existent property rights, and high mortality …

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Want To Reach Financial Independence Faster? Multiply Your Number By 10

Set your goals higher

Solving for the best way to reach financial independence can be a frustrating exercise. Inevitably, it involves making some hard decisions about your current lifestyle and spending habits. And while the good life is certainly there for the taking, it sure feels like it’s far, far away. As anyone who has ever run the spreadsheet …

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