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Catastrophic Loss

In those long-forgotten, pre-Covid days, I was typically on the road anywhere between two and five days a week. I am a pretty comfortable flyer. But on more than one occasion, especially when taking off in bad weather or on a dodgy airline (sometimes a combination of both!), I would ask myself: What if? I …

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As a child, I was never particularly athletic.

Choosing between a book and a ball game, I’d always go for the former. 

Suffice it to say that my popularity as a kid fully reflected my choices. But then, it all changed.

The Best Strategy For Winning At Life

Want to win? Start by staying in the game

Every year, without exception, I see the exact same situation playing out at work. 

Bright, motivated, and hard-working guys and girls begin their careers as investment banking analysts.

Almost immediately, the most ambitious and foresightful of the bunch

The Beauty (And Danger) Of Compounding

Snowball effect

You will have noticed that over the past few weeks, I have really dialed back on the number of “quantitative” posts. Gone are the rates of return, expected probabilities, and asset class comparisons. There’s plenty of time for those topics throughout the year. Instead, I like to use December downtime to reflect on everything that …

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Losing Control

Last Friday was a long day for me. The first Zoom call of the day started at 7 am, courtesy of a demanding continental client with a penchant for early starts. A year ago, my secretary would have punted the meeting by a couple of weeks, with the convenient excuse of flights and conflicting meetings …

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