Financial Independence

What You Don’t See

A lifetime ago (i.e. back in my teenage days), I had a very short but highly memorable stint working for a moving company. The set-up was simple.  The owner of the company, who doubled up as the CEO, CFO, driver, and mover, had offered […]

save as you earn
Financial Independence

Should You Say Yes To Save As You Earn?

Sometimes it seems there is nothing but obstacles on your road to financial independence.  Stagnating pay, high taxes, the ever-increasing cost of living, stock market downturns.  Take your pick – all of these will all take a bite out of that nest egg you […]

Financial Independence

Want To Get Rich? Then Grow Your Pension!

If you are truly focused on becoming wealthy, the best way to go about it is to look at what others have done to get there and follow their strategy. In the case of UK’s wealthiest people, it seems that building up their pension […]