Putting n the reps
Financial Independence

Putting In The Reps

I once met a guy who retired in his early 30s with well north of $20m in the bag.

His last job before retirement was that of a portfolio manager in an event-driven hedge fund.

A few knockout trades, combined with… […]

Personal Development

Not Fade Away

By the time you are reading this post, I will have finished packing for our summer beach holiday.

In a family tradition, we always take two weeks off at some point in August.

And in a break from tradition, today’s post has nothing to do with money, investing, or financial independence.

Instead… […]

Greatest Hits
Financial Independence

Greatest Hits: Volume 16 (Just The Links)

On making $10,000 per hour, suffering from the someday syndrome, and why your boss wants to quit.

Also, the truth about inflation, the promise and peril of ethereum, and is your life flying by way too fast?

All this, and much more, in this weekend’s Greatest Hits! […]

Real path to wealth
Financial Independence

The Real Path To Wealth

Let’s have some fun with the numbers today.

If you have spent any time reading personal finance articles on the web, you’ve invariably come across a graph that looks like this… […]