Greatest Hits: Volume 39

Greatest Hits

Good morning all – and happy Saturday!

It happens to the best of us.

At some point, the siren song of a warm Friday night on the patio got the better of me – and so I missed a regularly scheduled edition of Greatest Hits two weeks ago.

Which is just as well.  There’s a time to build wealth, and a time to relax.

August is perfectly suited for the latter – and I hope everyone reading these words managed a bit of a break over the last few weeks of the summer.

Now that we are in September, it’s time to get back in the saddle and go back to the business of making some money.

Which is exactly what the posts below are designed to help you with.

Enjoy – and have a wonderful weekend.

From Yours Truly

A Relentless March Forward

Why FIRE Isn’t Fair

Five Uncomfortable Facts About Investing

Building Wealth

Making Dumb Financial Decisions, On Purpose – Ben Carlson

In Search Of A Perfect Investor – Jesse Cramer

Is Wealth A Zero-Sum Game? – The Darwinian Doctor

The Greatest Factor To Successful Investing – Financial Pupil

Pros and Cons of Being Wealthy – Monevator

Early Retirement

Usually, this section is all about early retirement.

So to change it up, here’s a thesis AGAINST calling it quits:

Why You Should Never Retire – Can I Retire Yet?

Lifestyle Design

Six Types Of Wealth – Jack Raines

If you haven’t experienced anxiety, consider yourself lucky.

But if you have, not all is lost.  The Escape Artist shares his toolbox for dealing with anxiety:

Is It Possible To Suffer From Anxiety If You Do These Things? – The Escape Artist

All Around

The Thin Line Between Bold and Reckless – Morgan Housel

And that’s a wrap.

Relax, kick back, and have a fantastic weekend everyone!

– Damian


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