Greatest Hits: Volume 38

Greatest Hits

Good morning all – and happy Saturday!

When the S&P 500 closed April off at 4,131, everyone felt downright depressed.

High inflation, rising interest rates, war, consumer sentiment – the list of reasons to be concerned about the economy and the market just went on and on.

And yet, when the S&P 500 closed July off at 4,130 yesterday, everyone felt positively giddy.

Nothing changed.   And yet, the CNBC anchor, my Twittersphere, and everyone else seems incredibly optimistic about the economy and the market.

Same number, same environment.  Two drastically different reactions.

How come?  Well, the simple answer is that narrative matters.

The narrative back in April was one of uncertainty and decline.  The narrative today is one of growth and recovery.

The narrative matters when it comes to investing – but it matters even more when it comes to life.

As they say, the most important conversation is the one you have with yourself.

Focus on the negatives, and you’ll feel depressed and deflated.  Zero in on the positive, and you’ll feel energized and excited.

The choice is yours.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone – and enjoy the top-notch personal finance reads below!

From Yours Truly

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Finally, a really simple yet powerful concept I can’t preach enough:

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All Around

As someone who spent time around the hospitality industry and loves good food, I found the article below a fun read:

The Michelin Guide Business, Explained – Trung Phan

Have a fantastic start to the weekend everyone!

– Damian


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