Greatest Hits: Volume 34

Greatest Hits

Good morning all – and welcome to the weekend!

Let’s kick things off with two admin points.

First of all, we’ve had a significant number of new readers (and newsletter subscribers) over the past few days.

A big warm welcome to each and every one of you – it’s great to have you here!  And if you haven’t yet subscribed to have new posts and exclusive updates delivered straight to your inbox, you can do so here.

Second, we’ve unfortunately had a technical issue with the blog where some readers were not able to post comments due to a “nonce” error.

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And now, back to regular programming.

For the new readers on here, Greatest Hits is a bi-weekly summary of the best personal finance and investing content that crosses my screen – and there is a lot on that screen every day.

In fact, I reckon I go through a few hundred articles and posts every single month.

I then distill all of that content into just a handful of the absolute best links which I share with my readers here.

The topics run a broad spectrum, but the overriding intention is to supply you with tools and information to help you design a better, richer, more satisfying life.

Enjoy the reads – and have a wonderful weekend!

From Yours Truly

The Biggest Money Decisions Of Your Life

How Your Mindset Changes With Wealth

Doubling Down

Building Wealth

The Rich Are Not Who We Think They Are.  And Happiness Is Not What We Think It Is – NY Times

Why Winners Keep Winning – Dollars and Data

Trying Too Hard – Morgan Housel

How Can I Save When I Fear There Might Not Be A Future? – Douglas Tsoi

Things You See In Every Bear Market – Ben Carlson

Long-term readers of this blog know that I’ve got a strong and well-documented passion for US equities.

At the same time, I will be the first person to admit that the vast majority of investors out there are best served with a simple global tracker.

Here’s a great guide from the ever-excellent Monevator on how to find the one that’s best for you:

How To Choose The Best Global Tracker – Monevator

Early Retirement

Reflections Of A Physician Turning 60 – Financial Success MD

Lifestyle Design

How To Live A Bit Better By Doing A Bit Less – Dr. Laurie Santos (Yale University)

And now for some comic relief:

There are many reasons you should run for the hills from a job with unlimited holiday.

That being said, what makes Goldman’s new policy particularly useless is the fact that they explicitly limit this “unlimited” holiday to just the most senior staff members – managing directors and partners.

At Goldman, or anywhere else in investment banking, you simply don’t get to make MD unless you’ve sacrificed your holidays (and probably your first-born) from the get-go.  Ditto for partner, one of the most coveted positions in global finance.

So yeah, feel free to take that unlimited holiday.  Just be prepared to work every single day of it:

Why Goldman Staff Should Not Bank On Limitless Holidays – FT

All Around

To wrap things up, a great post from Young Money on how to finally do the thing(s) you want to do:

What Are You Waiting For? – Jack Raines

Have a wonderful weekend all!


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