Greatest Hits: Volume 33

Greatest Hits

Happy Saturday all!

The Greatest Hits collection of links is a bi-weekly one, meaning that this edition wasn’t due for another seven days.

But… it’s been an eventful (to say the least) week in the markets, which led me to do some a lot of extra reading, which meant I came across quite a few quality reads I wanted to share.

In non-market news, the long-awaited London heatwave is finally here.  I’m off for a picnic, followed by a barbeque.

Next week, I’ll be sharing some perspectives on the way forward from here.

In the meantime, I hope you’ve got a nice and relaxing weekend ahead of you – and enjoy the links!

From Yours Truly

Perspectives On Private School, One Year In

Building Wealth

Ups And Downs – The Reformed Broker

Warren Buffett Busts A Myth About Warren Buffett – TKer

Tiger Global Hit By $17bn Losses In Tech Rout – Financial Times

15 Of The Craziest Charts Right Now – A Wealth Of Common Sense

Dotcom 2.0 – Net Interest (long but excellent as always)

ARK and the art of losing money by chasing performance:

And some good visualizations to cap things off:

S&P 500 This Year vs Every Other Year In History – Personal Finance Club (Instagram)

Crypto Meltdown Corner

Terra: To The Moon And Back – Not Boring

Also, a refreshingly old-fashioned way to lose money in crypto:

Crypto Muggings in London: A New Kind Of Crime – The Guardian

Early Retirement

Three Years of FIRE – Stop Ironing Shirts

Lifestyle Design

Financial Independence Doesn’t Require Delayed Gratification – Financial Success MD

All Around

And to wrap it all up, the alternative definition of “frugality”:

The Rich New York Women Who Love Their Fake Birkins – The Cut

Have a wonderful weekend all!


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