Greatest Hits: Volume 29

Greatest Hits

Happy Saturday all!

Not sure what things have been like in other parts of the world, but here in London, the weather has been quite miserable for a very long while now.

Until now, that is.

Not only we are coming off a very balmy Friday (+16 C, thank you very much), but the weekend is looking dry and sunny as well.

Hence, I will keep this nice and short.  Hope all of you get to enjoy some sunny weather.  And if not, here are some excellent links to keep you company through the weekend.

From Yours Truly

How To Make $400k On A Single Real Estate Investment


Building Wealth

F*ck You Money – Jack Raines

It’s Not Fair! Sequence Of Returns Risk – by the ever-excellent Monevator

If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get, So Keep Asking – by Filled With Money via Physician on FIRE

How My First Property Purchase Went South – ESI Money

The Best Personal Finance Inflation Hedges – A Wealth Of Common Sense

How To Play Poker – Stephen Elliott

Lifestyle Design

The Seven Habits That Lead To Happiness In Old Age – Arthur Brooks

The Most Important Question Of Your Life – Mark Manson

All Around

Wash – Scott Galloway

Have a wonderful weekend!

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