Greatest Hits: Volume 28

Greatest Hits

Generally speaking, the items on your to-do list can be categorized into two buckets.

There’s the easy stuff.

These things don’t take a very long time to knock off the list – and they give you a pleasant dopamine rush once you’ve crossed them off.

Getting to inbox zero. Returning calls.  Paying bills.

You get the idea.

The easy items easily account for 99% of your list, at least in volume terms.  But certainly not in importance.

No, the important stuff is elsewhere.  It’s in that 1% of your to-do list.

The big, hairy, clunky, hard to approach, “if I fail it won’t be pretty” items.

They can languish there for months and years.  Many people don’t manage to cross them off at all.

Starting a family.  Changing jobs.  Moving countries.

Launching a business.  Nailing that big promotion.  Finally getting into real estate.

Even if you take a proper crack at them, it can feel like you are spending weeks and months going at it, without making any discernible progress.

And then one day, the stars align, and all the work you’ve done finally pays off.

It’s easy to de-prioritize these things in favour of the first bucket, the emotional fast food that keeps the wheels turning but doesn’t take you anywhere.

But you only move forward by tackling the big stuff.

The unfortunate reality is that the longer you let those things languish on the “list”, the less likely you are to actually do them.

I’ve had one of those items on my list for more than a year – and it finally feels like I’m about to cross it off (at which point, of course, I’ll share the outcome on here).

A little luck and a little push can go a long way.

Which is to say – whatever you’ve got on your list for 2022, please keep on pushing.  The results may well surprise you.

Have a wonderful Sunday all!

From Yours Truly

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Some might say the post below belongs in the building wealth section above.


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Recommended Books

As always, some top books to round it all off:

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If you like basketball and enjoyed The Last Dance (like I did), you will most likely want to pick up this book:

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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