Greatest Hits: Volume 27 (Just The Links)

Greatest Hits

Good morning – and welcome to the weekend!

To say it’s been an eventful week would be an understatement.

The equity markets have just posted their worst weekly performance in over a year.

Crypto markets followed suit in an even more enthusiastic manner, wiping up a legion of overleveraged traders along the way.

Most worryingly, Europe seems to be on the brink of war, shocking as that may sound in 2022.

All of which is to say that we could all use a nice breather over the next 48 hours.

I’ll have some thoughts on the equity market wobble next week.

In the meantime, it’s time to kick back, relax, and enjoy this week’s Greatest Hits.

Have a wonderful Saturday all!

From Yours Truly

Getting Rich With Asymmetric Money Moves

What You Don’t See

And the one that seems to have struck a particular chord with readers:

A Better Way To FIRE

Building Wealth

To start with, here’s a great read on how to “make it” from someone who really knows what he is talking about:

How To Be Successful – Sam Altman

And another highly enjoyable one from this side of the pond:

Pay Day – Gentleman’s Family Finances


Is The Fed Responsible For An 800% Gain In The Stock Market? – Ben Carlson

Should Passive Investors Be Happy Buying Equities at 100x Earnings? – Behavioural Investment

Spending Decisions That End Up Costing A Million Dollars – The Evidence-Based Investor

Avoiding The Boulders Of Financial Destruction – Mr Tako Escapes

And finally, a great quote from James Clear:

The person who gets 1 shot needs everything to go right.

The person who gets 1000 shots is going to score at some point.

Find a way to play the game that ensures you get a lot of shots.

Early Retirement

FIRE Update: Nine Months In – Monevator

Lifestyle Design

You Are Either Spiralling Up Or Spiralling Down – The Escape Artist

Don’t Roll Your Eyes When Lawyers Complain About Overwork – Financial Times

All Around

The Curious Splurges Of Benjamin Wallace – Physician On FIRE

What A World – Morgan Housel

Recommended Books

As always, some top books to round it all off:

Empire of Pain: The Secret History Of The Sackler Dynasty – Patrick Keefe

Next up, one of my all-time favourite books about investment banking.

Wildly entertaining, it played a big role in why I chose to go into the industry (incidentally, I’ve actually ended up working with a few of the characters involved):

Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of RJR Nabisco – Bryan Burrough

Finally, on a non-finance note, here’s a great book I’ve been reading lately… perhaps I should have gone into physics like the rest of my family:

A Short History Of Nearly Everything – Bill Bryson

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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    1. Cheers GFF

      The disadvantage of being in finance is I have to stay on top of these things to be relevant in my day job

      Thankfully I’ve learned to ignore the market movements and have never had the desire to liquidate in a downturn.

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