Greatest Hits: Volume 2 (Hello 2021)

Greatest Hits

Well, here we are.

2020 firmly (and thankfully) behind us.

The clock has now begun its relentless countdown on 2021.

At the outset, a year seems like a very long time. Objectively speaking, it is indeed a chunky stretch.

But days have this pesky habit of passing by real quick. Before you know it, they turn into weeks.

Weeks turn into months. And months just keep turning over, taking us ever closer to the end of yet another year.

I am confident the next twelve months will be good to us. With that in mind, here are some excellent reads to gear you up for a productive, successful, and happy 2021.

Mr. Money Mustache shares my optimism for the year ahead in Poisoned Just Enough: Why I’m So Optimistic About 2021.

For those who agree – and want to press the pedal to the metal on the productivity (and happiness) front this year, here’s a guide on How To Design A Perfect Day.

And because we know there will inevitably be tough days along the way, here’s some advice from James Clear on what to do When You Feel Like Giving Up.

On the investing front, here’s what you should read when the siren song of active investing gets irresistible: Why Most Stocks Are Losers by Morningstar.

In case you feel like passing on individual stocks and putting your money with an active money manager instead, you mustn’t forget about fees. The Net Interest blog has a great, easily digestible primer on active management fees and alignment of incentives: Zuckerman’s Curse And The Economics Of Fund Management.

Convinced you should stay with passive investing, but worried about investing at market highs? Ben Carlson explores What Would Happen If You Only Invested At Market Peaks.

A riveting story about life, death – and investing – by Morgan Housel: The Three Sides Of Risk. If there’s one story you will read from today’s list, this might well be it.

I was never a big fan of list-based posts but this one from Money Mage hits the spot like few others (#15 in particular strikes a chord): Twenty Money Tips I Wish I Knew In My Twenties.

And lest you get a little too focused on personal finance topics this year, here’s a gentle reminder to keep your eye on the bigger picture by Dollars And Data: Running Out Of Time Before Running Out Of Money.

Finally, a few books to work your way through in January:

Atomic Habits by James Clear, for those who want to establish good new habits (or leave some bad ones behind) in 2021.

In case 2021 is the year you’ve decided to start your climb up the corporate ladder, then Power is the best guide you can get (you can also read my review of the book here)

Simple Path To Wealth – one of the easiest and most enjoyable personal finance handbooks I’ve come across.

And if you prefer something with a UK flavour to it, Reset by David Sawyer will be right up your alley.

That kind of wraps it up for today’s edition.

Kind of, because the last link I’ll leave you with is Sovereign Quest. Plenty of other enjoyable content here – all thanks to Mr. Indeedably himself.

Happy reading!

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