Greatest Hits: Volume 18 (Just The Links)

Greatest Hits

Well, say hello to a happy Saturday!

I don’t know about you, but this felt like a heck of a week – and it was only four days long!

Which is a reminder that September ALWAYS starts off with a bang in the investment banking industry.

There are clients to catch up with, deals to get over the line, and new ones to cook up.

And that’s before the US really comes back online, which will only happen after Monday’s Labour Day.

On top of that, I am nursing a bit of a hangover after a fiery Friday night in Mayfair.

Hence, let’s get straight to it – here are some top-quality finance reads to get your weekend off to an amazing start.

Have a wonderful day everyone – and I’m off to get some coffee and a Nurofen!

From Yours Truly

An Investor’s Deep Dive on Ether and Ethereum (the longest post I’ve ever written!)

Eight Reasons You Will Never Reach Financial Independence

Loving Red (On The Biggest Inherent Conflict In Investing)

Building Wealth

Unlimited Upside – 1,500 Days To Freedom

Why Am I Not Rich & Famous? – Darius Foroux

Buying Investment Real Estate At The Market Peak Is A Good Thing – Financial Success MD

Why Do We Always Focus On The Bad Stuff – A Wealth Of Common Sense

Are We In A Melt-Up? – Dollars and Data

Early Retirement

Get Off My Lawn – Steve Ark

Lifestyle Design

Cynicism Kills Progress – Justin Jackson

A Letter From My 80-Year-Old Self – Accidentally Retired

All Around

Hanging By A Thread – Morgan Housel

Recommended Books

As always, let’s finish off with some top-notch books.

The Smartest Guys In The Room: The Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall Of Enron – Peter Elkind

The Basics of Bitcoins & Blockchains: An Introduction To Cryptocurrencies And The Technology That Powers Them – Anthony Lewis

Total Competition: Lessons In Strategy From Formula One – Ross Brawn

Happy weekend all!


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