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Lump Sum Investing: Why The Right Advice Is Also Wrong

Lump sum investing - russian roulette?

Earlier this month, I set out to cross off a few items on my 2021 money agenda. As part of that (somewhat boring) exercise, I had to transfer roughly £150k from my wife’s workplace pension into Hargreaves Lansdown. Alongside Vanguard, Hargreaves is one of our go-to brokerages. The move itself was simple enough. Fill out …

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A Tale Of Two Markets

Real path to wealth

Back in February, when a very prescient colleague of mine was busy liquidating his equity portfolio, a good friend of mine was going in the opposite direction. He and I had discussed investing in the past – and he had fully signed on to the gospel of not looking to beat the market, investing in …

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Destruction of Value

Destruction of value

About ten years ago, I attended an investment conference that brought together students and faculty from a number of MBA programs on the East Coast. Eugene Fama was one of the keynote speakers at the event. This was a few years before he won the Nobel Prize, but it’s fair to say that he was …

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