It’s A Wrap: The Best Of 2020

Best of 2020

Well, here we go. By the time this post goes up, we’ll be just hours away from ushering in the new year.

These days, there seems to be a certain rhyme and rhythm to the vast majority of the “year in review” posts.

Following the vernacular, I could do one of the following things now:

  • Tell you it feels like yesterday when I was writing this post.

Which, of course, would be a massive lie – because it feels like it’s been ages, certainly more than a year.

Remember when it seemed that the Australian bushfires would become the defining event of 2020?  Me neither.

  • Give you a blow-by-blow recap of everything that happened over the past twelve months – but wouldn’t we rather forget?

Thus, I’ve decided to do a recap of a different – and hopefully far more entertaining sort.

Today, I bring you the best of the Banker On FIRE, version 2020.


Best of 2020: Top 5 Most Read Posts

I’ll be honest – when I was writing the posts below, never did I think they’ll get more than a handful of views, let alone tens of thousands.

And yet, here we are.

Interestingly enough, the titles themselves serve as an indication of what’s top of mind for many readers in the personal finance blogosphere:

#1: A Guaranteed Way To Get Rich (40,414 views)

#2: Build Wealth With The 80-20 Rule (34,881 views)

#3: How People Get Rich With Real Estate (21,175 views)

#4: Work Till You Drop: Here Comes The Pension Age Increase (13,808 views)

#5: The True Cost Of Private Schools (11,702 views)

Best of 2020:  Top 5 Most Commented Posts

One of the most enjoyable aspects of running this blog is the ability to engage with readers in the comments section.

I’ve learned tons from interacting with all of you over the past twelve months. Nothing like an educated debate to help distill complex concepts into far more digestible ones.

Below are the topics that seemed to have struck a particular chord with readers in 2020:

#1: When a Million Is Not Enough (thank you Cleophas for inspiring this one)

#2: Why Early Retirement Terrifies Me (a little introspection never hurt anyone)

#3: Three Changes In Attitude On The Road To Financial Independence (the comments by Bankernotfired here are well worth a read on their own)

#4: Building Wealth With A Self-Invested Pension Plan (once again, a trove of actionable wealth-building ideas in the comments)

#5: The Road To Riches: Buy Or Rent? (kudos to Adrian for posing the question in the first place)

Best of 2020:  Top 5 Most Popular Graphics

As a junior banker, I used to be the master of PowerPoint – and pretty charts.

As you can see from the graphics below, my best days are far behind me – but I won’t let it stop me from trying:

#1: The Price Of Admission To Millionaire’s Club

Best of 2020: Monthly investment required for $1m net worth


#2: The Fastest Way To Save £100k

The fastest way to save £100k


#3: A Step-By-Step Guide To A £1m Net Worth

Best of 2020: Path to your first million

#4: Constructing The Ideal Stock – Bond Portfolio

Bonds vs stocks

#5: The Magic Money Machine

Annual investment in the S&P 500

My Google Analytics dashboard is telling me that over the past 12 months, more than a hundred thousand people have visited this blog.

In aggregate, my posts have been read more than 650,000 times and commented on 1,300+ times.

As of today, almost 500 people are signed up for the mailing list.

I am grateful – and honored – to have every single one of you as a reader.

Thank you for making 2020 awesome – and Happy New Year!

See you on the other side


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19 thoughts on “It’s A Wrap: The Best Of 2020”

  1. All the best for 2021 Damian, thanks for the guidance and I’ll look forward to reading your blog next year.

  2. Hi Damian;

    Just wanted to thank you so much for your insights over the year – I came across your blog back in April (the truly dark days for investors) and found your balanced views a great support.

    It is thanks to people like you that many readers are more financially savvy and better prepared for what lies ahead (which we all hope will be far better times).

    I greatly appreciate the time and effort put into your blogs, and have shared links on various Reddit and Facebook forums to spread the news!

    Thanks Damian, and I wish you and your family a safe and prosperous 2021.

    Warm wishes,


  3. Hi Damian:

    Great 2020 articles – an idea for an article in 2021 ?

    Would be great if you did an article on pension LTA as I’ve seen many angles raised in your Q&A / comments section.

    Perhaps you could include views on the under-noted scenario..?

    An LTA dilemma:

    An individual earns c£150k pa and currently saves the maximum £40k pa into their SIPP with all the tax benefits this brings (including reducing the taper tax that arises between £100k and £125k annual earnings).

    What if the person’s pension pot is now c£100k in excess of the LTA (say £1.2m at Dec 20) which will bring an excess LTA tax liability in future?

    Question – is he / she best to continue with £40k pa pension contributions to benefit from reduced CURRENT tax liabilities, or to stop making any further pension contributions to avoid FUTURE excess LTA related tax liabilities?

    Kind regards,


    1. Thanks David, appreciate the kind words. Knowing I can help folks on their personal finance journey is what motivates me to keep writing.

      Great idea for a post, I’ve noted it down. Currently have quite a backlog but then again, 2021 has 52 weeks in it 🙂

      Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Damian,

    A quick note of thanks from me. I have really enjoyed reading your blog every week, I have found it insightful and helpful. Keep up the great work.

    I hope you had a great Christmas and happy new year!


  5. A quick Happy New Year post from me.

    I’ve found a few new blogs in 2020 and yours is the very best of them. Thanks for all your hard work, two blog posts a week is quite an output to keep up. Especially with new and interesting content.

    All the best for 2021, I look forward to continuing to enjoy your good work in the New Year.


    1. Thanks Rosario, always enjoy trading ideas with you in the comments and look forward to seeing you back here next year!


  6. Happy New Year BoF!

    Just to echo the others, I also really enjoy the blog and look forward to more insights, motivation and education in 2021. Your time management skills are impressive to say the least.

    Love, health and happiness.


  7. Seems like I have somewhat of a knack for commenting on your “topics that seemed to have struck a particular chord with readers in 2020”. Four out of five was my hit rate. I am not sure what (if anything) that means, but thank you for all your writing over the last year.

    Best wishes for 2021 and I look forward to your future posts.

    1. Cheers Al Cam, always great to see you in the comments section, and appreciate the viewpoints and thoughts you bring to the discussion.

      Happy New Year – all the best wishes for the upcoming 12 months!

  8. Happy new year, BoF.

    I only discovered your blog earlier this year, and it has quickly become one of my favourites. Looking forward to learning more through reading your blog.

    All the best for 2021!

  9. Happy New Year BoF 🙂
    Thanks for the great blog posts, really valuable & often thought provoking for me, that I then re-visit having learnt something new.
    Best wishes to you and your family for 2021.

    1. Cheers FFF.

      Very happy you’ve been enjoying the blog – long may it continue.

      Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2021!

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