Month: February 2021

Greatest Hits: Volume 5 (Jumbo Edition)

Greatest Hits

Time flies. Six weeks ago, things couldn’t look gloomier. Post-Christmas hangover, exacerbated by the lockdown. An impossibly long road ahead to sunnier weather and a vaccinated population. And yet, as I look back at this year’s inaugural edition of Greatest Hits, I am pleased to see the quote below: The finishing line is now well …

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Finding Your Champion

Finding your champion

And then, there were four.

Four investment bankers, all up for a promotion to the next level. Not quite the coveted managing director title yet, but nonetheless a big step

The Best Strategy For Winning At Life

Want to win? Start by staying in the game

Every year, without exception, I see the exact same situation playing out at work. 

Bright, motivated, and hard-working guys and girls begin their careers as investment banking analysts.

Almost immediately, the most ambitious and foresightful of the bunch

Why The Active vs Passive Investing Debate Misses The Point

Active vs passive investing

Debating the merits of active vs passive investing has got to be one of the favourite – and entertaining – pastimes in the FIRE community. Clearly, the default stance is that passive beats active by a stretch. At the same time, take a closer look at many “passive” portfolios and you will find more than …

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Infinite Returns

Infinite returns

The other day, I had a call from my relationship banker across the pond. Now, I have no idea why I have a relationship banker. I’m far, far away from meeting the definition of an ultra-high-net-worth individual, for whom such niceties are usually reserved. I’ll take it as far as to say I am reasonably …

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