Month: October 2020

Destruction of Value

Destruction of value

About ten years ago, I attended an investment conference that brought together students and faculty from a number of MBA programs on the East Coast. Eugene Fama was one of the keynote speakers at the event. This was a few years before he won the Nobel Prize, but it’s fair to say that he was …

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No return

After seven and a half months of working from home, I have finally had enough. Driven by a desire to insert a bit more separation between work and life, I put on my mask, boarded the Jubilee line, and headed for the office. To say the experience was an eerie one would be an understatement. …

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The Office Puppet Show

Puppet show

Back in the heydays leading up to the global financial crisis, the same scene would regularly play out at the Deutsche Bank London headquarters. On bonus day, a car transporter would pull up to the landmark yellow building at 75 London Wall. It would be loaded with Aston Martins – a sweetener reserved for top …

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A Vicious Circle

It has begun – and it’s relentless. It happens at nursery drop-offs and pickups. At playdates and playgrounds. At birthday parties and barbeques. And anywhere else where you might be unlucky enough to bump into an acquaintance with a child who turns 5 next fall. “So, where is your daughter going to school?” The Days …

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Five Questions For Your Next Net Worth Update

Index Investing

Updating your net worth spreadsheet can be an exciting affair. Nothing quite like getting a dopamine rush as you watch the numbers tick up, bringing financial independence firmly into focus. Another dollar, another step closer to leaving the cubicle behind. There is no doubt the absolute number is an important starting point. So is analyzing …

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