Asset class performance
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How Have Various Asset Classes Performed in 2020?

To say that 2020 has been an eventful year would be an understatement. A once-in-a-century worldwide pandemic led to unprecedented levels of government and central bank intervention. In turn, the combination of a macro shock with the fiscal and monetary response has led to […]

Financial Independence

Back In Action

You may have noticed that as of last week, we are back to regularly scheduled, twice-weekly programming here at Banker On Fire. Two weeks in Spain flew by. It wasn’t a relaxing holiday by a stretch – a toddler, an infant, and a stream […]

Stock market fear
Stock Market

How Bad Can A Stock Market Downturn Get?

Not too long ago, one of my readers posed an interesting question in the comments section of this blog. Essentially, it boiled down to this: I am using the stock market for long-term wealth building and my goal would be to FIRE, hopefully, within […]