Taking Stock
Personal Development

Taking Stock

In any journey, the half-way mark is always an interesting – and symbolic milestone. Even more so this year as we navigate our way through a tumultuous 2020. Not that long ago, we were busy writing up our New Year’s resolutions. Those Australian wildfires […]

A Matter Of Time
Personal Development

A Matter Of Time

One of the biggest obstacles we face on the path to success is the concept of time frames. As a species, humans are just so damn impatient. Genetics plays a big role here. Put simply, delaying gratification was never the utility-maximizing strategy. For thousands […]

Financial Independence

How To Lose Your Job In 10 Years

Another horrible commute. A highly unpleasant interaction with a passive-aggressive colleague. A manager that seems to pile on more work every day – and yet isn’t nearly so generous with the recognition. And the work itself. What (hopefully) seemed exciting early on has now […]

Real estate riches
Real Estate

How People Get Rich With Real Estate

A while ago, Peter Kim (a.k.a. Passive Income MD) published a post titled “Buy one property per year and retire early”, which I found to be fascinating reading. Somewhat unfairly, Peter took a bit of flack in the comments for making assumptions that some […]

Smarter than the stock market

Who Is Smarter Than The Stock Market?

“Objects in the rear-view mirror may appear closer than they are”. Right now, the opposite is true. It feels like a lifetime ago – but it has only been 11 weeks since we were trying to find a way forward in the midst of […]

It Won't Happen To You

It Won’t Happen To You

When Randall Stephenson announced he is retiring from his role as the CEO of AT&T a few weeks ago, he sure caused a stir. Donald Trump took an instant swipe at him on Twitter. Clearly, no love lost between CNN and the White House […]