Finding gratitude
Personal Development

Finding Gratitude In Challenging Times

The economy is tanking. The stock market is plumbing new depths every day. Everyone is stressed out trying to figure out how the Covid-19 pandemic will impact their health, careers, and finances.  I certainly have spent a lot of time pondering what my future […]

What happens next?
Stock Market

What Happens Next

It’s official. We’ve gone from what seemed like a nasty, yet temporary wobble in the markets to a full-blown crisis. The true scale of the damage to the world economy is unknown so far, but it’s clear the situation is more complex than it […]

How to get ahead in life
Financial Independence

Pension vs ISA: Settling The Debate

The end of yet another tax year on April 5th is almost in our sights.  As ever, it is a good time to be taking care of some financial housekeeping.  And for most people, this inevitably means making the most of their workplace pension […]

Always be learning
Personal Development

Learning From The Best

When it comes to financial self-education, you can hardly do worse than spend one hour a year reading Warren Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire’s shareholders. Informative, entertaining and thought-provoking, Buffett’s letters are a far better source of information and advice than 99% of the […]

Staring into the abyss
Stock Market

The Art Of Staring Into The Abyss

As I write this post, my stock app is flashing green all around. S&P is up almost 4.6%, which apparently is its 11th best showing ever.  Stocks, mutual funds and ETFs are up across the board. The only exception is the VIX.  Down about […]