Stock Market

The Case For A 100% US Equity Portfolio

At some point, all stock market investors are faced with a question: what is the right portfolio allocation between US and international equities? As the data below shows, at the turn of the 20th century, the US stock market represented ~15% of the world’s […]

Hard truths that will knock you out
Stock Market

The Not So Silly Things Active Investors Say

Not too long ago, I published the “Silly Things Active Stock Market Investors Say” post.   In it, I recounted some of the most popular excuses explanations people make when they try to justify an active investment strategy. As expected, few of the popular excuses […]

Your first million
Financial Independence

How To Go From Zero To Your First Million

In a recent post, I wrote about my journey from zero to one million.  It was anything but predictable, full of setbacks, tough stretches, and lucky breaks – but making that first million was totally worth it in the end. As I wrote about […]