You Are Stronger Than You Think

You are stronger than you think

Struggling with the Monday blues?  Happens to the best of us.  Monday Motivation is a series of stories and articles from around the world to inspire us and put a little spring in our collective step for the week ahead. 

There are times in our lives when you just can’t help but feel sorry for yourself.

A stressful day at work, a challenging time in a relationship, health issues, financial troubles – sometimes it feels like we just haven’t got enough strength to deal with it all. 

Next time life deals you a tough hand, please read the story of Janusz Korchzak.  I know I will. 

Yes, life isn’t fair.  Yes, you have been dealt a tough hand.  But guess what?  You’ve got the courage – and the strength – to deal with it.  I know it. 

Be good, do good

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